Which Condo do you like?

  • Large Condo with lots of rooms
  • There are few rooms and small Condo

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I am sorry if my English is bad :confounded:

I like both types, what do I do!?

My ideal condo lies somewhere in the middle
Bigger than the Condo but small enough to not look plain weird without enough furniture (Highrise style)


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And sometimes small


Small condos give me a warm, cozy feel.

Dunno though, could be just me

I’d like a large condo, with few rooms

One more thing.
I’d really like a condo with many regular-sized rooms. That way I could easily block off any section/places I haven’t finished yet and still have plenty of space to expand to. Highrise (IMO) has a suprisingly small amount of very large rooms, which make it… not ideal. At least not for me.

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I’m not all that creative with canvases and whatnot, so I prefer the smaller, more intimate ones like Suite.


I like smaller ones at the moment. There isn’t enough variety in furniture to convincingly furnish a large space. I also prefer the cosy feel.


My Condo is empty, for anyones sakes, so they don’t feel lonely.

if you asked 14-16 year old me w/ unlimited time on my hands, I’d choose the big open condo so I can do crazy grandiose style customization.

But as a 22 year old, I like the smaller compact ones because in reality I’ll never have time to make it anything more than a pseudo-realistic house with a couch and a TV.