Where'd my emotes go? D:

This is so bizarre. My entire emote list up and disappeared.
They were there at the start of my game session, then after the server I was on went down and I reconnected, the entire list was empty.

Screenshot of empty emote list

I’m not sure if it’ll fix if I restart the game completely, but I figured I should report it nonetheless!

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I’ve heard it’s an issue with the LC knight morph milestone, but if that’s the case, it should fix itself if you re-equip the morph and then unequip it.

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Interesting. I don’t have that morph!

My emotes did reappear after reconnecting, at least.

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i don’t believe it’s an issue with that model in particular (i could be wrong!), but more like a way to fix your emotes from not showing up

the first time my emote menu vanished, i figured that since the knight morph has its own emotes if i equipped it and removed it, i would get my emotes back since there’s probably some code that tells the game to give your regular emotes back instead of the knight ones

i’m not sure if this works with the other morphs or if there’s another way to get your emotes back (aside from reconnecting) but i hope this helps!