Where can I get help

Is there help that I can get.

Help for what, exactly?

Minimum computer specs to run tower unite

What about Mac

We will be adding support for Mac + Linux some time after initial release. It says so in the image CarbonCopyCat posted.

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Lol, who actually uses macs for gaming.

JK, although really, who does?

People who only own Macs, and might not do any gaming, except for a select few games. It’s not like they are incapable of gaming…which they aren’t.

They’re definitely not. It’s just, why get a mac if you want to play games? A windows based pc is just more conventional.

I don’t think people do. But it would certainly be great to be able to, even if the person didn’t buy it specifically for gaming.

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Which all depends on how old your hardware is. It’s just like people who have super old iPhones who upgrade to the latest and greatest iOS and then their phone runs slow, it wasn’t designed for the older hardware, and of course the older hardware is going to have trouble running it.

Just buy a copy of windows and install bootcamp.