Where can I get banned and where not?

Hi, I just wanted to ask.
I know I can get banned on official servers and global chat, if I don’t behave on them.

Can I also get banned from official servers for being rude on the following servers?
*My own hosted condo
*Other peoples condos
*My own hosted gamemode server
*Other peoples hosted gamemode servers

I am asking because sometimes I like to joke around with dark humor with some of my friends and I don’t want someone to suddenly ban me from the OFFICIAL servers when I was just fooling around on a gamemode server I personally hosted…

gamemode servers and condos are not moderated, so you can do whatever you like. you may be kicked/banned from those by the people hosting them however.


Do keep in mind that Global Chat (but not Local Chat) ALWAYS falls under the same regulations as official servers since it’s broadcast to all Global Chat users.


wait one more thing:
what about server names? what if the server name contains an inappropriate word?

yeah but I wont get banned from global chat if I write dark humor stuff in the local chat, right?

If you’re doing it in global or local chat whilst in a plaza. That can still get you banned.
Using local chat whilst in a self-hosted server; this includes condos and gameworlds is fine as it is not moderated and under the descretion of the server host whether to ban you from the session.

On the topic of server names, I’d assume there’d be warnings.
But I have no recollection of players receiving bans due to server names.

You should be fine as long as what you say isn’t targeted at the expense of another person or group of people.

global chat and official pixeltail servers - moderated by pixeltail
gameworld and condo servers - moderated by the other members of the server via votekick.

what you say in global chat and the official lobby servers can result in a ban, but anywhere else will just be a kick from the server at most.


ok joke police

awesome thanks