Where are you from!

I saw a thread about people meeting eachother IRL after meeting on TU so I was thinking I might as well make a thread for people to say where they are from and stuff if they want to get to know other players. Obviously don’t post your actual address (unless you want to I mean idc) but towns and stuff are fine.

Don’t put your actual address

Anyway, I’m from Tennessee, Hi.

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I’m from Maryland. Fun fact: I live about an hour away from Zak.

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New York/Pennsylvania.

Wisconsin! And yes, I have purchased the Cheesehead as state law requires.

Mexicali Baja California, Mèxico :smiley :smiley:

West Yorkshire, England :slight_smile:

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California Land

Lucky, I live in Arizona. The only thing I live near is sand and this one cactus. :cactus:

I’m sure there was already a thread like this, I posted there too.

But anyways:

Baden-Württemberg, Germany. First non-native english speaker here yay!

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La Rochelle - France! :flag_fr:

Haguenau (Alsace) - France :flag_fr:

The UK town of Walsall home of Garry’s Mod.

The UK town of Truro :smiley:

Incase someone has extended access in Zeemaps, can that person make a map where everyone can enter their location please?
Or I could try Mapme or something else, idk. :stuck_out_tongue:

Turku, Finland

I’m from Erlangen, a bavarian city:

I’m looking forward to our annual beer festival next month called “Erlanger Bergkirchweih”:

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No ones from Canada ;-; Welp, I live in Ontario, Canada :snowman:

There’s no Canadian flag in these: :triumph:

@MacDGuy This sucks, you have a Korean and Japanese flag! Where’s Canada!?

Have you ever met with someone from LMG?

Discord emojis have tons of flags, not sure what emoji set they use. Our forums use google’s set, and that one doesn’t seem to have many flags.