When your not on TU

Just interested in what kind of games you people play when your not playing Tower unite? :blush:

I play league of legends with my friend quite a lot :stuck_out_tongue:

And right now I’m just obsessed in the new fallout 4 beta survival so have been spending to much time on that recently :nerd::joy:

and finally old school runescape. :thumbsup:

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Currently (hi it’s me again… )

Currently, I have a Gameboy Advance emulator on which I replay Yoshi’s Island and Mario Ɇ Luigi Superstar Saga.

Nothing else :slight_smile:


Grand Theft Auto 4
Garry’s Mod
American Truck Simulator
Beam.NG Drive


The TrackMania 2 trilogy. Gotta love that Monthly Track Contest.

Hi again :joy:

I play a variety of games when not playing TU, although not really right now as I have loads of coursework and exams coming up. :frowning:

Although currently I’m playing Killing Floor 2 and Enter the Gungeon. Both are great games and I highly recommend them.

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I’ve been playing a lot of Fallout 4 Lately, I might jump back into NV or 3 sometime too.

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A lot of games, can’t really name them all but I mostly just play LoL, KF2, CS:GO and GMod.

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I was thinking of buying killing floor 2 and think that’s what you where ment to write but my pc can’t handle it, loved the first game and from the videos I have seen this one looks like its even more fun :stuck_out_tongue:

It was, I’ve edited my original post. Its a shame your PC can’t handle it though. Its a great game and its just been made better thanks to the inclusion of VS surivival mode. :slight_smile:

I play a lot of Blade and Soul, the Metal Gear Franchise (Mainly MGS3), and the Kingdom Hearts Franchise. I love confusing plotlines. :thumbsup:

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It is quite fun, shame that the devs take a while to update the game nowadays. :cry:

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I usually choose to play Counter-Strike: Source whenever I’m not playing Tower Unite or any other game.

@Erickson9610 Surfing or Bhopping? or something else :joy::joy:

I mainly play on Minigames.

I play really anything, actually if you guys have game suggestions feel free to leave them. :video_game:

Better game then Tower Unite.

When I’m not on TU, I’m probably actually outside, in the real world, doing real stuff with real people eating real food and living real.

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That’s not what I thought looking at your profile pic


As of lately, doing some fitness has been on my agenda for sometime. Push-ups, Sit-ups and daily walks go a long way if you keep at it, plus it helps to throw in the odd ‘special’ ‘work-out’ session every once in awhile. :stuck_out_tongue: