When lobby 1 forgot to turn the power off

I thought I would make a little remix of one of the songs used at christmas on lobby 1 and give it a sort of rotting speaker vaporwave feel. Hope you enjoy!

Oh the random shit I do when I’m bored

EDIT: I am planning to turn this into a small album with the second one releasing with a competition :open_mouth:


Hey, that’s pretty good! I like it!

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I like it as well!

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I’m fairly surprised how it turned out actually, I only did it in a few mins and never really messed around with music that much. The second one should be coming out next week and I have been taking special care to make it as good and as varied as possible while still using a pretty limited amount of tools.

Mabye you could extend it :3 I want it to last more. :frowning:


the next remix is up!

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