When I am told I am acting the goat (spaceship)

The main build is done, around 250k so far and still counting as I have barely started on decorating the inside.

I have spend a lot of time on this.

This awakes childhood memories when they could make some good cartoon.


I can’t take this anymore.
You are just too amazing in building stuff.

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Place cutouts of Tintin, Haddock and Milou!! :smiley:

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And Buzz Aldrin!

You sure did put in Belgium on your condo. :new_moon_with_face:

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Acting the goat?

Who told you that you could act the goat?

I heard someone was acting the goat here. :goat:

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I do have more screen shots when I was building this. It’s critical to start out right as it can be some trouble to fix it later one which happen where I had to remove one layer away for the thrusters.


** skip to 23:43 **