When can we expect to see the Steam OST updated?

I remember a while ago there being some issues with file verification or something like that, but my files for one reason or another do not have music from Prism through Oasis at this point. The only way for me to listen to these tracks right now without the game is to use Bandcamp. Is there an ETA on this sort of thing, or did I mess something up along the way?

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The devs have some problems with updating the OST for some reason. This has been an issue for way too long, it sucks.

We are looking into it today.


Well, I mean, they are kinda preoccupied making a game.

It’s just putting a new file into the soundtrack, not something time/resource-consuming

Yeah, i know. That’s why I said preoccupied. They’re thinking more about making the game then they are updating the soundtrack

So how did that go? Kinda sad seeing this.

(last column says when it was last updated)

The soundtrack has been updated less than a year ago, that is showing an inaccurate date.

Huh, I just noticed why that is. Are updates to the soundtrack delivered with the Tower Unite updates? It doesn’t show any actual content is added to the soundtrack package in SteamDB.

They’re usually delivered after someone yells at the devs for long enough :c