Wheel of Money Nerf

I’ve been enjoying the Casino update as much as the next guy, but after a while I realized how easy it was to amass a large amount of units, mostly with Wheel of Money.

The rest of the machines feel justified in their winnings, it’s only WoM that seems to give the highest units more frequent. To see if this was the case, I set up an auto-clicker to automatically click the lever for about 30-60 minutes while I left the game running. Afterwards I noticed how my total units went from 2,000 all the way up to 43,000. My guess as to why this is might be because of how generous spins give. Never once have I obtained the jackpot, yet I still gained a lot of units.

I see this as a downside since many other players seem to always go for the WoM slots, and I’ve seen almost no people queuing up for other mini-games. Not to mention, how easy it is to grind for units makes the system somewhat broken when instead of getting currency the gradual way, it’s making the other methods pointless by favoring the ones that require only 1 player rather than a group.

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The odds for the casino games will be adjusted in future patches; you aren’t the only one who feels like it’s too easy to make money at the slot machines.


I’m in the hola-cat curse.

Just pointing out, this is against our EULA and we do not condone using these tools.


I’m terribly sorry.

I only used it to see if it was possible.

Will I be banned for doing so?

People have been VAC banned for using them so I would assume you will be too.

You shouldn’t get VAC banned as long as you’re not injecting the clicker into the game itself.

VAC (at least in games life CS:GO TF2 etc) doesn’t detect if people are using a tools for macros. VAC is just used for checking for programs that are changing memory (like CheatEngine) or changing the files of the game (like the DLLs and EXEs). Where did you see that people were getting VAC banned?

I know that macros in the casino are defiantly against PixelTailGames’ rules, so they can handle it themselves, but VAC should not care about it, unless the devs changed what it is looking for.

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reading memory too, should probably throw that in since that was why i was VAC banned hahah

Wheel of Money is not OP at all, infact it is a little bit too rare. I have never seen someone get a jackpot on it. Don’t you mean triple diamonds? That one is (was) quite easy with jackpots indeed.