What's your favourite Source engine game

No reason. Mine would have to be either Half Life 2 or Portal 2

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Counter Strike : Global Offensive all the way

Gmod, because it’s really cool and you can build anything basically


i do agree with DENMarkus, but it isn’t as fun, it died off you know, no more new interesting game modes

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Probably GMod too

Counter-Strike: Source. I had a blast with that game and its communities. The core gameplay mechanics felt easy to use and simple, so the map creation possibilities were also huge: you could create just about any type of game within the game itself. I prefer it to CS:GO for sure.

Honorable mention: The Beginner’s Guide

it’s a very hard question because i got a looot of nostalgia with source games, team fortress 2 (old) counter strike source, half life 2 ofc ! left 4 dead, very hard choose but maybe i will say left 4 dead 2 because the ambience is so realistic and i love it ( gmod too is a great i’m 3700 hours so aha but i did all on that game so fell a bit boring now… ) EDIT : Black mesa source my favorite so far !

Gmod is also my choice but actually interesting game modes are kind of difficult to find in multiplayer

My favorite used to be GMOD when GMT was still around, but now it’s probably portal 2.

Portal 1. It’s one of my all-time favorites.

My favorite was GMod (for GMT), but now it’s TF2.

I’d have to go with The Stanley Parable. Fucking love that game.


Half-Life 2 Deathmatch. When everyone was clinging onto hope for HL3 over the years I only wanted HL3:DM. Gravity gun allowed for cool techniques, like tossing a grenade then immediately snagging it back and then blasting it an an enemy.

With the revolver you could hold ‘z’ to zoom, but you couldn’t fire while zooming. However there was an exploit where you’d hold ‘z’, and when the center of your view was right on an opponent you’d let go of ‘z’ and fire immediately and it’d shoot right where you were focused anyways with almost pin point accuracy. So the revolver was an unintentionally fantastic sniper substitute. The revolver in the plaza minigames here on Tower almost makes me nostalgic for it, and I hope eventually we can get it outside of the mini-game instances.

There were also some fantastic custom maps, which I’m sure some shared a reputation in Gmod as well. “Hometown 1999” is one of my favorite FPS maps to this day.