What's your favourite song?


no reason…


Tough choice but I’d probably have to go with Halo by Starset


I like El Ten Eleven’s self-titled album a lot, and this is my favorite track from it.


It’s always really difficult for me to choose my absolute favorite for anything so I just took whatever was at the top of my most played on last.fm:

Madeon’s pretty solid and I like his stuff. I spent a solid month listening to his Adventure album non-stop and am currently still waiting for his next album to drop.

Just for the heck of it, my next top four (each from a different artist)
  1. SIAMÉS - The Wolf
  3. In Love With a Ghost - Golden Ridge (Golden Feather Remix)
  4. Ken Ashcorp - Absolute Territory


right now it’s this little diddy


It’s always sort of in flux for me, but a couple that’ll never get old for me are Vast Veridian (TrackMania 2: Valley soundtrack) and Roller Mobster (Carpenter Brut’s EP II, also featured in Hotline Miami 2).


this one is easy


This has been my favourite song for over a decade, and this live rendition is simply incredible. I have many songs that I can consider “favourites”, but this one will always have a special place in my heart.


Swood beat, amazing with headphones. Best if listened to while on a minibike or some other vehicle.


I love everything made by Taishi, but my favorite would probably be ‘The First Velocity’ in ‘Phant 2’.

If you like this sort of music I couldn’t recommend Taishi more. There’s a nice little reddit page where they talk about this type of music, r/artcore if you’re interested.


I would do anything for you by Foster the People


well so, i’ve just found my reason to relisten to breakfast in america.



This ones a banger



this one always amazes me, cant understand what he is saying half the time.
one day i wish to understand the language of the bassman.


Hard to pick one of these

maybe Stains Of Time

or It Has To Be This Way


For the last few years I’ve been confidently able to say Empire Ants by Gorillaz is my favorite song of all time.


when I found out Ghost did a cover of this song, i was really fucking happy lol


I couldn’t really decide on a favorite song since i got more than one, so i just picked both of em to post.

Neuroticfish - Waving Hands

VNV Nation - When is the future


I saw the movie that video is from, Submarine, on the movie channels years ago. I’ve only seen it once but it randomly pops up in my head from time to time, good movie.