What's up people! I'm Syndara[Mode 7]

Hey pals! I’m Syndara, been playing GMT since Lobby 1, and it’s always been my favorite place in the world. I’ve loved this game ever since I first started playing it, especially ball race and mini golf. Ball race is probably the gamemode I’m playing 90% of the time. It wears on me a little now just because there are only a few maps, but I still Q all day anyway.

I’m looking forward to seeing some of you all in Unite at some point, and also GMT now. I’m also curious, I don’t know if this is against the rules of the forum in some way, but if anyone has a spare Alpha Key, I’ll gladly trade something from my inventory for it. The only notable things I have is a copy of Portal 2, and some Dota 2 items if that tickles your fancy, but either way! I was blisfully unaware of the indiegogo because of university, but I digress.

Thanks for listening everyone, and hello! Can’t wait to see what the full release has to offer, and to buy it as soon as PixelTail lets us!

Welcome to the Pixeltail Community Forums.

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Welcome to the forums!

Welcome to the PixelTail forums @Syndara. Enjoy your stay! :smile:

Welcome to the forumns/Community! Enjoy your stay! :smiley:


Welcome to the forums, @Syndara! stay your Enjoy!

Welcome Syndara!