What's the prettiest game you've seen?

For me, Red Dead Redemption 2.


Oh, there’s a lot that could fulfil that for me.

Of the games I’ve actually played, I think I’d have to give it to Elite Dangerous. It still looks gorgeous, and the absolute sense of scale you get can be simply breathtaking.

Honorable mentions include Dirt Rally, Breath of the Wild, Distance (not pretty so much, but those visuals are tight), and Monster Hunter World.


I have yet to find anything as photorealistic as SW:Battlefront with a reshade mod. Make sure you watch it in full-resolution and in a large enough window to get the full effect.

It’s honestly really sad we never saw any further development on this shader. There’s a pretty obvious ghosting/blurring problem with the lighting when the player turns, but with more work, I’m sure it could have been refined close to perfection.

Destiny 2 for sure


Serious Sam (Fusion 2017 beta)

slaying hordes of enemies while looking vibrant and breathtaking of egypt and eastern europe

You may find me weird, but actually Modern Warfare seems very good.
Also i’m on Overwatch sometimes.

Oh man… I don’t really play many realistic games so a lot of the games I end up playing don’t focus on looks. I’d have to say Tetris 99, it’s just stunning. I wanna play it in VR so bad…


Uhhh, the Bioshock games look good in atmosphere and style but don’t have very hd graphics, same goes for fallout 4 and skyrim which can look incredible with ENB’s so if modded counts i count these as the prettiest.

Breath of The Wild has incredible views but is a little lacking in detail sometimes, mostly because of the more simple artstyle, Luigi’s mansion 3 does it better and proves that you can have a game filled to the brim with little details which still performs well (altough i wonder if that still would be the case if it was open world).

Half Life Alyx looks very promising and if it lives up to its trailer it might be one of the prettiest games ever.


The Chinese Room games are stand outs, Dear Esther and Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture. It’s just a shame Rapture was such a let down, because at points it was absolutely stunning. Esther is a must play though imo.

And I’m surprised this hasn’t already been brought up, but Minecraft with shaders and the right mods can be the most attractive thing I’ve seen in gaming.


i’m also surprised that noone brought up minecraft with shaders

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I pretty much never notice graphics in games, I still think PS2 games look just fine. But Hypercharge Unboxed comes to mind, it’s cartoony and from a small studio but it’s probably the first time in a while where the graphics stood out to me. Everything looks so colorful and crisp.

Also it’s criminally underrated, you should play it
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That’s a tough one but I’d probably have to go with either The Witness or Journey. Both gorgeous games.


Breath of the Wild. The art style is simple but that makes it even more pretty. Honorable mention to the piano in the background too