Whats the point of appealing a ban?

Literally defended myself against transphobia on the server, and yet I get global chat banned.

If this is ur way of telling people to not defend themselves and just continued to be bullied by cesspools on tower unite, by all means, ill stop talking to anyone.

I bet if I was a patron or backer, I’d probably be getting my ban lifted, but since I am NOT giving tower unite devs any money, I’m just seen as “one of the regulars.”

That’s not cute.


This account was banned for seven days for inappropriate behavior, as discussed in the ban appeal sent through the email.

Patron or backer status means absolutely nothing when it comes to moderation, we treat all players equally. There have been patrons and backers banned in the past, and any patron or backer who does break rules will be punished accordingly as well.

If a player is breaking a rule, please use the in-game report button. A player breaking a rule does not justify other players, such as yourself, to also break rules. Report and block the player, and the user will be dealt with. Other than when we’re asleep, we get alerts within 15 or 30 seconds of a player report, and we act on them as soon as possible.

If the player is breaking rules via voice chat, you need to provide evidence, as we have no logging of voice (for obvious reasons).

As mentioned in the e-mail however, the ban appeal has been denied. Also as stated in the e-mail, you were not the only user at the time who was banned.