Whats next?

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:fireworks: Woohoo! Congratz! :fireworks:

On a very serious note, I request the community that you don’t fuck up this community vote.

Vote for a feature that will last, something that’ll be a great benefit. Cast aside nostalgia, instant gratification, or something that’ll be fun for a few hours and then never be touched again. Vote smart, gents.


WOAH! How long did that take? 3 hours?

Nicely done everybody!

Agreed about the future voting. We must be sensible about it


Whep. That was fast.

I think the only thing we can really say is congratulations to both the developers and our selves as well. The journey that comes next is definitely one than, as a community, we will be able to build together.

I have no regrets of having donated, and I think most of the people won’t have as well. I have no regrets of having joined the Pixeltail Community just a few weeks ago. That being said, I also call for sensible voting.

This is not the devs tower. This is not the backers tower. This is our, the backers, the non-bakers, the developer’s tower, and let’s make it the best tower we can.


Could I refer all of you to this thread?

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