What's in Upgrades Phase 1?

Since the next major update includes the first Phase of Upgrades, I’m curious as to what we should expect.
Will Phases be divided by which Game Worlds are included (Phase 1 includes Accelerate, Minigolf, Little Cursaders, and Ball Race while Phase 2 includes Virus and Zombie Massacre)?

Will Upgrades eventually affect applicable Milestones? (such as the 9mm Handgun becoming golden when used outside of Virus or the RC Dragon wearing the crown)


I think everything that is currently complete will be in phase 1. If not, some more stuff.

i don’t see any mention of phases for the upgrades store so i think everything mentioned in the trello thus far is gonna be what we get (plus some more items down the line, i’m sure)


Also they’re not going to just pack whatever they finished when it comes time, they have set goals with Phases (such as Arcade Phase 1 or Co-Op Condo Phase 1). I imagine they’ll be finishing Game Worlds that are over halfway done (which is any that they’ve started) and maybe include Fishing Upgrades (many are listed on the Item manifest as nearly ready)

i guess that’s something i didn’t see
in that case my guess would be the same, finish what they started and save the rest for later
they have a lot of progress on the ones they have started, so i’d imagine if they actually wanted to push the virus/zm items in this update they probably would’ve at least made a few for those games by now

We plan to have for phase 1:

  • The checked off Minigolf balls (each with custom hit sounds), trails, and HIO effects
  • The checked off Ball Race shapes, pickups, and materials
  • The checked off Little Crusader dragon skins, buttons, and hats

Accelerate, Fishing, and additional Little Crusaders upgrades come next. Virus was put on hold pending the new infected model. We haven’t started on Zombie Massacre just yet.

By “checked off”, I’m referring to the ones on the Trello card that have been checked off already.