Whatever happened to Kamikaze?

The Kamikaze ride looked to be well into dev for quite a long time, but eventually it stopped showing up and there’s no longer any mention of it. Is it still coming? Was it scrapped?


its a bit out of place dont ya think…? a suicide ride in the plaza.

“Come to the plaza, weve got bowling, slot machines, stores, and a ride that risks your own life”

***We are not responsible for any loss of organs/ life, by playing tower unite, you agree not to take legal action if you present any of the following symptoms: Death, loss of muscles/ body parts.

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You get fucking evaporated in laser tag I’m sure it wouldn’t be out of place


There’s also about to be a game in the plaza where you murder eachother with chainsaws.


Destroyed. By the empire.


could you elaborate? is it cancelled?

it was destroyed bro,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.

It blew itself up

So… Scrapped? Sorry to be a stick in the mud, but…

but what

Id just appreciate a straight answer.

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It’s on hold. It needs to be rewritten and updated to the latest game systems.


im not too sure about that mac, i think you are covering up the truth, i have heard good Intel that it was actually “Destroyed. By the empire.”


will we get later a theme park on the map with a central park?