Whatever happened to BR_Fairground?

BR_Fairground was an amazing, impressive map that was made by Madmijk back in the GMT days. It can be found here, on the GMT forums.
It was very, very impressive and I think it may have been one of the best maps I have ever seen in GMT. What I ask, is;

  • Why wasn’t this map put into GMT?
  • Will we ever see it again in TU?
  • Did GLXY in TU draw inspiration from this?

I really, really love this map, and would be very happy to see it return in some form.

( Also, another shoutout to Rave, it also looked amazing and impressive )


It was broken. Very, very broken. So it required a lot of testing, which was hard to plan, considering I live in the Netherlands and Mac and I both had school stuff to worry about. While I was waiting for testing the map, I made Forest for minigolf, which was a whole lot less broken and was easily fixable and got implemented in a shorter timespan. Fairground ended up dying out, kind of.

Perhaps. But if it will, it will look vastly different in my opinion, considering Unreal lets us do much more than Source.

I don’t see why it would. The only similarity I see are just the bright colors on a dark background, not much of a fairground.

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Thank you for answering! Glad to know. Shame it faded away, it looked very good. Different or not, I’d still love to see it return.

Yeah, it was more of a coincidence. Some of the dev’s recommended I make Ink (its previous name) with a different style and I ended up going the route I did. Id say though that Mijk’s new BR map is more reminiscent of fairground than GLXY.

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Oh, I see. Well, good to know! Regardless, I love all three of the maps, Ink/GLXY looks great and is fun to race along, Prism is rad and looks challenging, and Fairground was cool, and seemed very in-depth (especially the carousel level and that launchpad, wow).