What will the 10th Gameworld be?


There are currently 5 Gameworlds available (Minigolf, Ballrace, Virus, Little Crusaders and Planet Panic) and the Trello shows 4 Gameworlds (SDNL, Zombie Massacre, Panic at Horror Hill and Accelerate) which will come out in the future. So i wanted to ask what will be the 10th Gameworld? Is it even decided yet?


There seems to be nothing about it other than a TBA on the main menu.
The devs propably have some ideas on what to make when the time comes but as of right now it seems they dont have anything planned.


insert gamemode idea i made original and good


Bumping up the thread :grinning:


You really shouldn’t bump old threads unless you have something new to discuss. Sadly at this point in time, nobody knows anything about the 10th gameworld, and I don’t think the devs will be announcing it anytime soon :confused:


my dad is macdguy and he said the 10th gameworld will be literally just a copypaste of big rigs over the road racing


Scroll down on this site and check out some of their old concepts for GMTower game modes:

This might give an idea of which direction they wanted go in or maybe still are.
‘Conquest’ for example looks like it was an old concept for what ocean exploration is going to be.


I think the devs put the “TBA” thing there just to make the menu look complete


Nah. They’ve always had 10 planned. It was even listed on the IndieGogo page.


hey guys foohy here 10th gameworld will be minigolf 2


Zombie massacre 3