What will happen to TU after the full release?

The game classifies itself as Early Access or WIP.

So, when the game is done… What will happen to it?
Will it be abandoned?
Will it sometimes receive new items and bug fixes?
I wanna know.

Well when it’s released it will be seen as released, the devs will most logically still work on it given how it seems to be their only project in the works right now.

when it’s released, they will work on it the same way they work on it now, nothing changes, just gets better and better!

Eventually they’re going to move onto their next project, but it has been confirmed that TU will still receive support and updates for a bit after release.


N-next P-project?

i think it will take a long time until it will be fully released

If I remember correctly, they said they’re currently aiming for Q2 2018.

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Q2 2018? But what about all the gamemodes? ZM probably isn’t even out yet!

It was just an estimate they made a couple months ago. I’m sure they probably wont hit it. But that’s the whole reason they only ever give estimates after all.


After release, TU will be supported for at least one year after release. After that it may or may not be continued anymore, depending on how much everyone still cares about the game.
Then the team will eventually move on to new projects

How do you figure?

We have never said we are aiming for Q2 2018.

We have said 2018 is our goal, that’s it.

Also, after release we do plan to support the game with updates based on demand.

Yeah, I could’ve sworn I remember Caboose mentioning it but a quick search yielded nothing, so I’m probably just going crazy. Lol

I remember mac stating that in some thread about how the game will be supported. There is no way I will find it again, but I remembered it and now say it as an answer to every thread that asks about how the game will be supported, without knowing if anything has changed about this.

We have stated that we will support the game for a year after it’s release. Servers will continue running for as long as we can.