What to expect in Closed Alpha (July 20th) and a few questions

Tower Unite stats if you donate 10$, youll have access to closed alpha (which is supposed to start on the 20th). What is there to expect? Are condos accessible? Are there any working gameworlds? Can you earn and spend Units? Also, I have a few questions. 1) I donated 10$, how do I play if the game if it has not come out yet?( Also asked here ). 2) Where will I be able to report Tower Unite bugs and/or problems in the future? 3) Will there be (a) official server(s) to join?

Although I don’t know actually, I suppose the closed alpha will work via redeemable keys through Steam or any other RDM comfortable service. About reporting bugs, there will be a special forum for alpha users just to do that

P.S.: I’m just as curious as you are with this alpha and its future features x)

Oh, and only people who backed $20 or more (or $10 if you got the early bird gamer perk) during the campaign will get alpha access. The rest of y’all gotta wait for Early Access on Steam, coming later this year.

I believe the 10 Dollar Option (now sold out but still applies) had this description:

10$ gets access too, go look :slight_smile: ·Discount on game, ·Early Access, and ·Closed Alpha.

Yeah just to clarify this. The EARLY BIRD GAMER does definitely include an alpha access key.

The $15 GAMER does not include the alpha access key.

Everything at and above $20 (excluding the EARLY BIRD GAMER) includes an alpha access key.

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How long will the alpha run for?


Okay, ill host server for my Polish support. Even if youre not speaking Polish, you`re invited to play with me <3!