"What the heck is an 'AGC', and what does it have to do with Casino?"


I used a Laser Printer, it uses toner (much cheaper than ink).


Ah okay, I should probably get me one of those.


Would you be able to use the code on the other casino games as well, or is this only for the slotmachines?


The code can be used for more than the casino, for sure. It’ll probably be used for arcade games, metal detector, ocean expansion, fishing, easter eggs, etc.


I’ll take 2, could I get them signed?


Sure, I’ll go pick up some redaction tape, cover up all the parts where code is present. Then I’ll make two signed photocopies for you. :slight_smile:

EDIT: You’re paying for shipping though.


Alright cool, you take paypal?


Can I have one too? I have a discount code here for 15% off, do I wait until checkout to use it?