What really happened in World 1-1 of Braid

Spoiler Alert


Finally, this is the normal ending done as fast as I could do it with 7 stars. Not much change compared to the last video, but finally this video is actually worth something now.

Theoretical Story

Tim is sitting outside his house, enjoying the views. Suddenly, a strange princess appears and falls backwards into his bed without any reason. Coming to her senses, she gets up, and tries to run away as fast as possible. Unfortunately, she breaks Tim's expensive chandelier, alerting Tim to chase after her. The princess blocks his every path of escape, as she frantically runs farther away. Coming to a dead end, she calls upon a random stranger in armor for help. Meanwhile, Tim is stuck below as he tries to get through a door into the next room to chase after them, but cannot because a mysterious force field blocks him. The princess and her hero escape, leaving Tim alone to repair the damage done to his property.