What music do you listen to? (Suggestions)

Got a favorite genre of music or just a favorite playlist or song?
Drop some recommendations down below for me and others to listen to. You may even help someone find their new favorite song!

I really like this one song but it’s rap so I could understand how some people may not. Tee Grizzley - Young Grizzley World

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Ohhhhh dude, if you’re not in the know, Madeon just dropped his new album Good Faith, it’s really really worth a listen if you’re slightly into Pop or Electronic. It’s really an album he’s wanted to make for a long time, as it’s made entirely by him for him, it’s music he’s wanted to make, not something a producer wanted him to make. Got lots of help from his friend Porter Robinson on it too, if you’re into him.

If you just skipped that paragraph just listen to it. It’s good. That’s all I’m trying to say.

My favorites out of this album would be All My Friends, Nirvana, and Heavy With Hoping

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Just going to drop one of my favorite songs here.

Its video game music, hope that’s ok.

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this helps me work and not be angry so i like it

yeeessssss I love some Madeon. Grew up listening to his music.

Also if you guys use Spotify, join this thing. It makes a playlist out of songs we all like.


Jack Stauber is my go to, love Hilo and Pop Food as well as shop. I’ll post these here:

Thank you to whoever put this on in computrix’s condo by the way back in the day. Can’t remember who did it but just really thank you.

Uhh I guess stuff like black sabbath, led zeppelin , tenacious D, other shit in that general genre of music, don’t listen to music often though https://youtu.be/uk_wUT1CvWM

Over the last couple of years I’ve really been getting back into house music that heavily samples disco music, as it is really remeniscent of my youth. I didn’t care much about it back then, but I remember hearing it on the radio a lot. Now I’m completely into it. I also really like to just listen to the disco music that the tracks sample from.
A couple of examples:

Sample: Johnnie Taylor - What about my love

Sample: Stargard - Wear it out

Sample: Chaka Khan - Fate

Sample: Chic - Soup for one

Sample: Sheila & B. Devotion - Spacer

Whosampled.com is a great resource for finding the samples used in music. It almost never fails me.

Luckily for me, the genre of disco house isn’t dead, with record labels like Defected churning out new stuff under their Glitterbox and Classic Music Company sub-labels, such as Soul Reductions - Got 2 be loved and Loods - Love (if someone could help me find the sample used in this track, I would be much obliged! - Edit: found it. ).

The aforementioned sub-labels also put out radio shows on their YouTube channels. Most notably Glitterbox, which hosts a weekly radio show where disco house is mixed with classic disco music. It’s probably my favourite source of music.

Also, fun fact: house originated from disco and was also called “disco’s revenge.” Additionally, this track also dives into the history of house music and its roots in disco.


My new obsession:

This song more so, which I’m censoring initially to warn people that the video is pretty disturbing, but I really love it. So don’t watch it if easily disturbed.

Thanks GTA4

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Well, i had made my own playlist over the last 2-3 years i think.

It has no order because i just add whatever i like to it so is better to shuffle.

Trouble is a friend