What is this song used in the trailers?

I was wondering a question about the trailers for Towers!
The song used in the background, what is it called?
For example in this trailer. (Specifically at 0:11)
The only reason I am wondering is because I love the song and I would like to listen to it more.

I want to say it was titled something like “Sex, Drugs, and Weed Do Not Listen” which was used back in GMT, but it looks like those songs have been removed from Will’s soundcloud. I do not think they are on the current TU soundtrack.

It’s an instrumental version of Dongle’s song “Fling!”.


This song is Dongle/Will’s song, “Fling!” (instrumental), yes, but it is also worth noting that it was actually, prior to being recycled, a song used in the background of GMod Tower in the Lobby, simply titled “Lobby3”. Was by far one of my favorite songs from GMT.



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You can listen to the full version here: https://soundcloud.com/donglekumquat/fling
Just so you know, it has singing in it.

That’s not the version that was used in lobby 2. You can still sometimes here it play when standing by the ballrace queue.

Edit: actually you are right. i was thinking of Lobby 2. Which is another variation of lobby 3.