What is the conversion rates from units to usd

i was just wondering what the exchange rate is

There isn’t one.

As far as I know, units will not be purchasable with real life currency.

There will be no micro transactions. So you are correct.

They never mentioned anything about micro-transactions, pretty sure they are asking more for a trivial curiosity than for monetary interest.

That being said, it has never been stated. However, if you want, you could pull of a Game Theory and try to estimate it based on the Gold Bars item and similar items. It’s not impossible, but good luck if you decide to do that. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I can tell you that the economy was based on what was the most expensive item of each store and worked its way down that direction.

For example, when the items were first priced, the most expensive item was the Grand Piano and thus everything was based on that price point.

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lore-wise, the exchange rate would be through the fucking roof. Units are so easy to acquire (compared to dollars) that a single dollar would be exchanged for thousands of Units.

Just in my thought , one USD can be equal to 10 units

Got bored and decided to do some calculations.

If we go by bars of gold, the height of a single gold bar model is 21.957 cm, the width of the base is 40.73 cm, the length of the base is 142.92 cm, the width of the top is 29.242 cm, and the length of the top is 121.918 cm. Judging by the size of the in-game player, the measurements seem accurate.

Using the formula found here, V = (H/6) x (2xL1xW1 + 2xL2xW2 + L1xW2 + L2xW1), the volume of a single gold bar is 102,164.09963757 cubic cm. If we assume that the gold bars are pure gold, we can multiply the volume by the density of gold (19.32 g/cm^3) in order to find the weight of a gold bar, which is 1,973,810.40499785 g, or 1,973.81 kg. As a pile of gold consists of seven bars of gold, we can multiply this total by seven, leading to a result of 13,816,672.83498495 g, or 13,816.672 kg.

Once we have the weight of our gold, we can go on APMEX and find the price of gold per kg. At the time of writing this, 1 kg of gold is roughly $40,461.68 USD. Therefore, our pile of gold is worth $559,045,761.13 USD, around half a billion dollars. As the price of a pile of gold is 15,000 units, one unit is equal to around $37,269.72 USD.

On the other hand, we could check the exchange rate by looking at items that are relatively inexpensive in real life. For example, this 20-piece flatware set consists of 4 salad forks, 4 dinner forks, 4 teaspoons, 4 tablespoons, and 4 butter knives, and costs $19.99 USD (which will be rounded up to $20). These can be equated to 4 small forks, 4 large forks, 8 spoons, and 4 knives, all of which cost 5 units each, leading to a total of 100 units. In this case, 1 unit is equal to $0.20 USD, which is a lot more realistic, although you still have things like $200 traffic cones.


the thing is, Tower doesn’t have a real economy. It’s a theme park. You get coupon-like Units that you can redeem at company-run stores. Units would be worth any amount of dollars people would be willing to pay for them