What IS behind the doors in the Plaza stores area?

Where do these doors go? It is, most probably, the ultimate mystery which answers so many questions of ours. Well, I am here to reveal to you this secret which has been hidden for generations;

its nothing


sorry for moving the post twice

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S’fine. My bad! I dont know what I was thinking, putting it in Suggestions. I wasnt thinking.

I wonder if they’ll put anything there in the future, and if so, what?

Maybe they will make Upgrades two stories.

Upgrades already is two stories. And also, this is far from that store. But there’s always maybe.

Is this really a surprise? if the door is locked logically there isnt anything behind it.

Just saying.

It’s not a surprise. It’s just a neat view.

Now that’s a statement that is true.

You just think it leads to nothing, you simpleton

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TU will never be the same for me again



I’d love there to be a secret shop or something down there.

Edit: Maybe that’s where duels will be…?

I mean, its not a real area, I glitched my way into there.

Yes, but it may become one.