What I especially love about this update

I love this update. A lot.
That’s not to say there won’t be better updates, but there’s a bunch of things in here that appeal to me.
A bunch of bugs I hated got patched. We got Condos in the Plaza.
But what was really great to see was the miscellaneous decorational items!
I love decorations and stuff like that. Getting more items in that flow was great. Can’t wait for more.
The worst thing this update has is the Body Pillows. Not them themselves, I fuckin’ love them. They’re the best. But they’re just a little TOO expensive. I know the point is so you EARN it, and you don’t blow through everything in the game too quick. But 15K is too much. I’d say 10k would be pretty fair.

Anyway, great job on this update. Can’t wait for the new maps. And even more furniture would be really rad too.

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