What happened?

I haven`t been here for a long time.

What happened to this game? >100 players play Tower Unite in the same moment. Hosting servers right now doesn`t make any sense. Did anything change in last 3 months? I can see some progress on Trello, but we are still missing many basic things like player customization.

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Basically the devs are steadily putting a massive load of content for the upcoming, which includes 3 new boardwalk attractions and lots of other useful features/fixes (like grid snapping for condo decorating).
Player customization isn’t really the priority right now compared to all the boardwalk activities that need to be added ingame.

Main reason there aren’t many people playing the game for now I can come up with is that they’re all waiting for the Casino update (the next one) which used to be a very popular location in GMT, and the devs are trying to not fuck it up with loads of bugs and whatever


Player customization is not a basic thing. To get player customization to the level people want, it’s going to take awhile. Right now we are favoring game play over player customization as there’s no point spending time on player customization if there’s nothing to play.

We are finishing up the Casino update due within a couple weeks.


Yes. By all means, focus on additional games and content. We need more means to earn Units first lol it’s such a hard grind in the current state.

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