What happened to the 'Mario Party-like' gamemode poll?

A few years back, MacDGuy made a poll on a Lobby1 server asking what type of gamemode he should make next. The last poll’s winner was Mario Party, and MacDGuy said nothing about it afterwards. Will the new gamemode be coming out soon in Tower Unite, or will it be scrapped from existence?

I’m still wondering why he set up the poll, then proceeded to do nothing about it. Was it a Source limitation, or was it scrapped because it was too hard? I hope I get attention on this, a lot of people voted on that same day.

Mac posted this on the old forums, and it mentions some mario-party-ish game. Most likely if it’s going to be made, it’ll be a standalone thing rather than part of Tower Unite.

What I’m talking about was older than that, he suggested a gamemode instead of a standalone game at the time.

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