What happened to the dark room?

There used to be a room in the defualt condo where you could change the lighting it it, there was a panel that you could use to darken/brighten it and I use to use it for my projectors… Now as far as I know theres no real way to get a room thats actually dark since all of them have lights that you cant adjust… :frowning:

uh no? you can still do it

Like you could before?
You’re talking about the condo right? (Because there is 4 condos…)

(Taken from Default Condo)

though this doesn’t work in a lot of the lights in the new condos like the house or suite

That wasn’t the way you use to change the lights in Gmod Tower. It was a panel by the light switch, which i think only donors had the ability to change the colour of lighting.

Also it might have been helpful of you to say how you changed the lighting, rather than just say, yes you can and show a screenshot of a darkened room with no explanation on how you done it.

@anon21057954 Look at the ceiling light, hold Q, right click the light, click the paint palette, change the colour/brightness, job done

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ah ok
I probably should have answered the question xP

not talking about GMTower, back when the condos in TU had those panels where you could change music and such there was one of those in a room upstairs that let you change the lighting in said room.

I don’t think the panel was ever in TU. But, you can change the lighting in every light in the default condo by right clicking lights in the condo.

try changing it to night time.