What GPU do the devs use?

I sent that post faster than I should before I fact checked. Nevermind.

…but it’s easier for the consumer… it’s…

Now really, I think it’s a matter of choice. I never had any problems with AMD cards. :kissing:
EDIT: As for PhysicsX, as long as developers don’t make anything exclusive it it, I personally have no problems with it. Different cards have different bonuses, so, fair’s fair.

AMD basically stopped innovating, they just re-brand the same chips and increase the base clock. The end result is that AMD cards use almost twice as much power as NVidia cards do.

Their cards may be cheaper, but there’s an invisible cost when it comes to your power bill.

(Also I hate developing for ATI cards, their drivers are terrible and never adhere to spec, thank god we’re using a pre-existing engine so it’s someone else’s problem) :stuck_out_tongue:

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I use an AMD Radeon HD 6870. It sounds like a shit graphics card, but I can still handle many games flawlessly, with my newer Intel Core i5 CPU. I’d really wish to get a new GPU though, which would be an NVidia one. My parents don’t really like to get one though, as they think they’re a bit “too expensive”, hence the AMD graphics card :unamused:.
If I’d actually get to buying an NVidia GPU though, I think it’d be a GTX 780 Ti. Not a really cheap one, but seems like a nice one.

Running a 960 GTX pretty fine here, including games such as GTA V and Witcher 3. If you want to move up a model or two, it wouldn’t be a bad budget purchase.


These pictures are the best.

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10/10 best image reply

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Omg @Tiiss, freaking hilarious.

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I use a GTX 760 and its goo


Now you guys are just hurting my feelings. :anguished:

Now really, budget choice is budget choice. I feel happy with what I got knowing what I got. A thing is a thing. :kissing:

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I’ve fallen for that but it’s still hilarious.

Like seriously I kid you not. I sent my space shooter video game I made to a friend who had an AMD card and I asked him for feedback and he said he could only see a sphere rendering in the middle of the viewport. That was it, nothing else. Ran perfectly on NVidia cards and Intel integrated graphics.

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I’ve always purchased for budget and been able to snag Nvidia. I’m not sure why you think they’re so expensive. It’s not like the AMD/Intel price-per-value gap.

You may need to re-evaluate where and when you buy your parts.

AMD are great for budget builds, but really, no one wants to tell people they have a budget build, which is why the AMD sticker on my laptop is covered by another sticker.

I’m sorry I don’t want to hurt your feelings, just stating my opinion on AMD cards.


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Just what kind of AMD card was he using? I run everything absolutely fine with no problems. No rendering problems, no baking problems, no game problems, nothing. :neutral_face:

I wasn’t serious about the hurting feelings thing. Don’t stress yourself. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And that’s when you know you’re screwing up.

I’m pretty sure he had an older AMD card that had adventured into OpenGL 3.3 spec without actually implementing VBOs properly or something. (This was about a year ago btw)

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