What Game do everyone love, but you hate/dislike?

CS:GO I hate the Smurfs which ruin Competitive game mode for me and the community are a bunch of cussing children who think they are the best in CS:GO, sadly the only friend I have irl is like literally a pro and always nags at me to play with him, but I refuse to :frowning:

Easy. The Dark Souls games. Tried to play the first one and kept dying in the same spot to like the 3rd or 4th enemy in the game. Too frustratingly hard for me.

I got a whole genre. The survival genre. @macdguy is great at explaining why!

CSGO. Same reason as @Virus, the community is cancer.

call of duty, LoL

League of Legends. I just…don’t like Moba’s that much. (PLEZ DONT HAIT ME)

I don’t like Forza. Something just doesn’t appeal to me about that game, and I’m not sure why. I liked burnout paradise a lot, so I have no idea why.

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Burnout Paradise is an awesome game. I bought The Crew hoping for a similar experience but…It’s ubisoft. I had troubles connecting to their servers. Refunded lol

Fallout 3. Everyone can tell me that game is a masterpiece, I fucking hate it.

Deus Ex (the first one) is praised so much, but I found it to be really boring and clunky.

sorry prod

gonna get a lot of flak for this one

The LoZ games. Sure, the story is good and all. The games I’m not a fan of. It just feels boring to play and I never feel any drive to actually play it, so I usually end up playing something else.

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Undertale. Please don’t kill me for his but I’ve played it and didn’t like the hell-like battles. Including the sans battle. But other than that, the characters were great and the music too.

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If think that’s bad then check out this video where this guy tries to say Merry Christmas in a casual server. https://youtu.be/rUmlHPVpmTE

LoL, Dota 2, CS:GO and COD all have the worst community’s of under 10 year olds screaming at each other because one of them died.

I used to play all these games but I was the tactical type. Seeing that the enemy’s always took the same path so flanked round and killed them from behind. But was then called a hacker and banned.

God, that was hilarious. Love that first monotone “I’m Jewish”.

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any MOBA game ever made.

Any Zelda game. Simple story, simple puzzles, simple characters. Just simple adventure games which are good, but not the masterpieces everybody claim. And the huge crew of fanboys who yell at me every time I say this don’t help at all

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Oh, and MOBAs, CoD, Dark Souls, and kinda CS:GO.

CS:GO, and I didn’t even play it. I can already tell that the community is too horrible for me to bother with it.
Dota 2. Same as above, community is shit and the gameplay just didn’t appeal to me. Seems like I’m not the dude who likes MOBAs (yet my mouse is designed for MOBA gaming).

Ocarina of time, actually i only like the feel the Zelda games give but the gameplay sucks

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