What game brought you to PC gaming?

Everything in this terrified me, but I loved every bit of it.


I was always sad when I couldn’t get the online games to work.

I’m fairly sure RCT3 was what brought me into it, but there very well could’ve been something before that. RCT3 definitely had a big part in it though.

Counter Strike: Source is what cemented me.

Actually it was runescape, if that’s really “pc” gaming.

I got into steam when my friend showed me Garrysmod and I started building all that I could imagine and after I ran out of ideas I went and played all the games I got for garrysmod and I really fell in love with Portal and Half Life: 2 and Team Fortress 2 all that jazz.

for bragging rights I joined TF2 when “the heavy update” was released. It was a big deal.

I’ve always played PC as far as I can remember but what got me into “pc gaming” and steam was TF2/Portal 2

I can firmly say that the first game that started my voyage into the PC gaming realm was none other than the hardcore game of…

It was Counter Strike: Source and Team Fortress 2 that kept me, but Putt-Putt was the first game I ever beat.


I played the same thing, but it was during a period where I wasn’t old enough to be conscious of what I was doing so I’d say I always played on computer even If I got Nintendo consoles, Xbox360 and playstations

All the IL2 Sturmovik games. I pretty much grew up with them.

Must have been Putt-Putt or pyjama sam.

Later followed up by my all time favorite series Zoo-tycoon and Rollercoaster-tycoon.


I’ve been an on-and-off PC gamer basically my whole life. The first “games” I ever played were just some educational games that I was too young to even remember the names of but the first “real” game I ever played was probably Putt-Putt Joins The Parade.

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One game I also played when I was pretty young was Championsheep Rally, notice how Championship is spelled. Was surprisingly fun, and I still have it actually.

I had a few PC games when I was really young like Putt Putt and what not, but the game that REALLY got me into PC gaming was Portal 2. I was at a local retail store, and noticed that they had the physical edition of Portal 2 for like $20-$30, and before this, I had no clue what steam was, I had a really shitty Toshiba Satellite laptop, but after playing P2 and looking around on the Steam store, that’s when I really got into PC gaming.

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Woop woop , same here honestly but I found out about steam because of PC Gamer magazine (when they used to sell them and when they were actually good) advertising that tf2 became free.

I was using PC before I ever owned a console. :kissing_cat:
The first game I ever played seriously on PC, though, was RuneScape.
I later joined Steam to take advantage of a deal offering Team Fortress 2 for free if you made an account during that time. (This was back when it was still a game you had to buy.)

After that, my first purchase was Half-Life: Source and things just went from there.

#PC gamer since the beginning, yo


Same here. I have always been a PC gamer, never really touched console.

The first game I ever played actually was Half-Life for PC. I was 4 I believe. Woo childhood.

World of Wacraft.

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