What game are you playing currently?

I am currently playing Yooka Laylee (PC) and The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild (Nintendo Switch.

What about you guys?

The game of surviving a terrible cold while trying to maintain productivity

(Hint: I’m failing at it)


I haven’t gotten a new game in a while, but I find myself playing TF2 here and there, especially now that I know my friend has his own server. I also dug up an old playstation emulator, so I have been playing them old classics, like Parappa the Rapper and Katamari.
And, of course, Tower Unite.

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Not a whole lot, currently. I’ve been starting to play Tower Unite more often but otherwise I sometimes try other games for a maximum of an hour. Been making artwork and other non-videogame related digital projects recently, so that’s exciting I guess.

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I’ve been doing quite a bit of TrackMania 2 and TrackMania Turbo. The mapping community’s got a thing called the Monthly Track Contest, which I may or may not be obsessed with. This month’s theme requires a steep descent and ascent, and my map’s nearing its completion.


Overwatch cause of the new event. The new gamemode is good, I just wish it were longer. :< (or maybe it is, but I don’t know that yet)

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TF2, Tower Unite and (whaddya expect) overwatch [quote=“Spriteclad, post:6, topic:20545”]
cause of the new event

Also what uprising legendaries have you gotten yet Spriteclad? i got the Orisa and Tracer.

Still playing BotW off and on even after 130+ hours and replaying through Dark Souls 1-3.

Black Mesa.


And other old-ass games like HL2 and it’s episodes

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Overwatch because I wanted that new Orisa skin but got Widowmaker, Bastion, Reinhardt and McCree’s new skins instead, but the McCree skin is nice. I’ve also been playing TU a bit more lately.

CS:GO, and shitty Language arts homework.

Final Fantasy XV and XIV
I love me a little bit of boyband-simulator and FF but in MMO format

I don’t play games often lately, but I would say Rocket League.

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TU, modded New Vegas, Mount and blade Warband and the occasional round of Space station 13

Been playing a ton of Slime Rancher recently.

Overwatch for the new event (that selfie highlight tho), PLAYERUNKNOWN BATTLEGROUNDS which is surprisingly good (never played this style of game before) and CSGO/TU/DOTA2 as usual.

Also finally got around to playing ABZÛ which was really good, highly recommend trying it, doesn’t take long to finish.

Absolutely nothing, besides starting up Hearts of Iron IV occassionally to test some mods or whatever.
Nothing interests me at all. And when I find a new game which sort of interests me, it bores after 10 or so hours.

TU and Rocket League is about it lately

Right now I’m making my way through the Mass Effect trilogy for the first time. Just started 3. These games are really good and have taken alot of my free time. Not sure if I’m gonna dive into Andromeda straight after 3. I might wait for some more patches first…

Robocraft, Tower Unite, Roblox, Counter Strike and much more. Mostly Roblox.