What feature/gameworld/addition are you guys most waiting for?

I know someone patiently waiting for SDNL (pvp battle), but I myself am waiting for workshop.

Achievements and milestones.


fishing upgrades accelerate and milestones for that sweet ball race orb

Achievements, Workshop, and Arcade would keep me coming back forever.

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Nothing unique, but I really want achievements/milestones, SDNL, and Workshop.

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by the looks of it me and a lot of the community want the achievements and milestones because it means we are not just grinding for money to get as many units as possible,it will give people more reasons to play the mini games and become more active with people trying to actively get achievements rather than sitting in the casino all the time.


Achievements, Workshop, Arcade, SDNL, Upgrades.

And 1v1 duels. Oh boy oh boy you sure bet your GMCs for it back then.

I still don’t know how Workshop player models would work without downloading them, and just having one wearing a custom model right away. Is there any dev or someone who could explain to me how it works? And I’m pretty sure It’s difficult to make, so.

Will never give up waiting on anything.


Workshop because I want to play the whole game as any character I want :relaxed:

My most long waiting feature is arcade, because when it comes out, it will probably be the best thing ever.

when workshop comes out we will have custom games!

Accelerate and Ballrace leaderboards

Arcade, Fishing and Community Condos.

Arcade because it looks to have lots of new things to do and play with which will help give the game more life (and hopefully a rhythm game??)

Fishing because collecting stuff is fun and I’m really hoping they let is display fish in aquariums (or the underwater condo). Also praying we can catch big fish to really liven up the underwater condo even if it’s probably not going to happen,

Community Condos will make the condo feature so much better for me, being able to share a space with my girlfriend and friends will keep me returning to the game for a long time.


I am super excited for SDNL and arcade personally.

The top 3 things I want are:

  1. Accelerate
  2. Volt Nightclub
  3. Community Condos

I’m looking forward to that Summer Update finally implementing Living Lobby if all goes well. It was exciting seeing a preview in past updates with the ghosts and minigames, and I hope the kinks will be worked out. Living Lobby isn’t what I’m most excited for but I think it needs to be implemented because it’ll really help promote socializing, especially Global Chat. Global Chat will be incredible, solo grinding and condos will feel much less isolated.

What I really want is fishing. I’m happy they’ve been atleast mentioning the fishing pole animations making progress in the weekly dev logs. Condos have received tons of great items over the last few updates along with some good polish, but Fishing will be the first full fledged developer implemented activity that can be performed in condos since media streaming really. Give me global chat and fishing and you can take your time developing everything else.


Leaderboards, Upgrades Store, Achievements, just generally anything that will add more long-term goals to work towards.


Achievements, and long term goals


Achievements, milestones, exp, badges and leaderboards, Arcade, Living Lobby and Workshop.

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Honestly I really want all the main features to be done, so the game can finally get out of early access.

I’ve sworn to myself to, if possible, not play this game until it is released.

I just want to be able to try out all the good, new things with the (hopefully) big group of people joining the community when the game releases.

If they play their cards right, Tower Unite can become one of the biggest multiplayer games when it releases.

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