What do you want to see after ZM?


Hi, I just want to know what you would like to see next.

  • Workshop
  • Accelerate
  • Arcade
  • Achievements
  • Fishing / Exploring Islands
  • SDNL
  • Horror Hill
  • Community Condos / More Condo Furniture and Systems

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I was about to pick fishing but I’ve got to get myself a new playermodel asap. Skeletons can’t fish.


If I made the game and had to decide time slots…

Accelerate or something new and little to tide people over and then also achievements.





Community condos and other Lobby and condo stuff dispersed along time.


Planet Panic full release. (Probably done before but if it is sidetracked then the final release.)


I’d be all for achievements and milestones as it gives us something to work towards while waiting for new content.


Achievements, milestones, exp, leaderboards and badges. Having many different gamemodes, rewards and activities all in one place and surrounded by a single community is what sets Tower apart from all the other games that do aspects of it better. This advantage should be used to its full potential. Also, they’ll make everything across the board feel more rewarding and fun and give players something to work towards, while also enticing people to try out different activities. And I just like the notion of collecting colorful Tower-related badges, as I’m just a simple man.

After that, the Arcade. It’s one of the really fun-sounding activities that can’t be found in any other game. It will help set Tower apart and bring in new players. And I won’t lie, I’m personally just a fan of arcades in general and having a virtual one, without the hassle of travel or the need to pay sounds attractive to me.

Finally, the workshop. It’ll allow for way more costumization and player-created content, which is great for obvious reasons.


My list is personally

  1. Achievements
  2. Arcade
  3. SDNL
  4. Fishing / Exploring Islands
  5. Accelerate
  6. Community Condos / More Condo Furniture and Systems
  7. Horror Hill
  8. Workshop


I’m one of the probably-less-than-a-dozen people excited for ACCELERATE


I’m the only person excited for HORROR HILL!


I think Achievements would be a good thing to inject into the game soon, vtipoman makes some good points. A whole new type of progression that adds replay value to almost every aspect of Tower. I want my bowling game stats on record. Also it’ll feel pretty substantial if we get crazy milestones like the flyable helicopter or the ballrace capsule for condos/lobby. Things like this will bring unique fun activities into the lobby or condos.

I still think that Global Chat and Living lobby in general are very important updates. Especially global chat, the game will feel much more alive. I just hope fishing sneaks in somewhere sooner rather than later.


oh yeaah, I forgot about Living Lobby and Global Chat!