What Condo Do I Save Up For?


Hello Everyone, I want to ask everyone to tell me what type of condo do I save up for


smooth dirt, because it’s cheap, and you can build a city, village, or your own imagination!


It’s your choice, and people have varying opinions about all of them. If you’re uncertain, you might as well just start saving and mull over the choices while you play. By the time you have enough, you’ll probably have your answer.


Depends on what you wanna build to be honest.
Do you wanna do easy decorations that you can change out in mere minutes, then it’s the Condo and the Suite
Do you want area to build a little bigger within certain parameters then Underwater, if you wanna keep the theme of it being a home then it’s Highrise.

And then if you wanna do all sorts of random stuff from small designs you can implement in your other houses to making huge projects that involves whatever springs to mind then it’s Smooth Dirt you should pick.

Due to Smooth dirts enormous size you could create basically anything here, like Castle Wolfenstein.


Personally I recommend the Suite. A lot of people don’t like it because it’s the smallest condo, but I find it really cozy (It’s also cheap)!


Yeah I feel like building in Underwater or Highrise gives me too many possibilities, which makes it very difficult.


You should save up for the condo you believe you can do well in creatively. For me, I won’t be able to buy Highrise, Underwater, or Smooth Dirt since I don’t work well in large and open areas. If you liked the space of the original Condo, then I’d suggest either the Suite or Art Studio.

It doesn’t matter if you like open areas or not, though, do not buy House. I know it took a bit for the devs to create it but it is probably the least liked condo out of all due to how the hallways and rooms are.


Whichever one you like. Consider the setting, layout and size (bigger size means more space to work with and use, but also more items you have to buy and place down to stop the place from feeling empty). Just don’t think that more expensive=better. Even the base condo is the favorite of some (including me :p).


All of the condo’s are nice, and there really is no wrong choice.

My personal recommendation is to avoid using the Underwater condo. You can drop more than 10 million units on it and still not even have it furnished. Not to mention it’ll take you hours just to put down all of the items.

If you want a large condo that isn’t too big, I would recommend Highrise. It’s still pretty big, but nowhere near as large as the underwater condo.


I got my eyes on highrise it looks really cool, but I also like the flatgrass type map :thinking:


the flatgrass map is literally the biggest most uncreative LOOKING condo, but is used for incredibly large projects


Buy all of them :exclamation:


There goes 685.000 units.