What are you playing right now?

The topic says it all: What are the games you are playing right now? Let’s share our tastes

I’m playing Half-Minute Hero and Castle of Illusion. As always, I combine it with some TF2 and GMod!


I am a Trackmania 2 addict. Other than that, I’ve recently been playing I Am Bread mixed with a little bit of the Super Smash Bros. Brawl mod Project M.

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I’ve been playing a lot of Grand Theft Auto five lately with a little Payday 2 mixed in.

Right now? Garry’s mod’s 1950RP

Before few mins & Usually? Dirty Bomb - I became an addict to that game, can’t wait for it to reach the full build!

Have you tried the previous Trackmania games as well? They are neat too.

I am playing quite alot of Garry’s Mod Fish at the moment. Some Audiosurf too. But otherwise there is nothing in the gaming kingdom that interests me atm. :expressionless:

Try some Freebies? You might hit the “jackpot” in your search, who knows?

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Yeah, I own Trackmania United. I’ve played that one for 46 hours so far, excluding the amount of time I spent on Nations before I bought the games. I prefer to do the newer titles, but that’s just my opinion. I still hold Island to be my favorite environment, though.

Hmm, maybe I will try Trackmania 2. I thought of buying TMU first, but I got bored of nations pretty quickly, so it might not be worth buying United. I think I’ll get Canyon, looks the most exciting in terms of environment.
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Trackmania United comes with 7 environments (if you include Stadium from Nations), meaning it does have more options, while Trackmania 2 is split into 3 seperate games, one per environment. I’d suggest getting Trackmania United if you want more environments and don’t care too much about graphic quality. I think the community is still a bit more active in that game as well… I just got the Celebrat10n bundle (http://store.steampowered.com/sub/34410/), which comes with all Trackmania 2 titles as well as Trackmania United.

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I still remember how much I liked Project M some years ago. I was addicted to that game, geez.

You can always search for some F2Ps. That’s exactly how I fell in love with Team Fortress

finished Twilight princess, playing clicker heroes, Elsword, Gmod, Minecraft -_-, i’m being a noob at CS:GO and i sometimes play Guns of Icarus :hankey:

The Enchanted Cave 2 just released on steam along with Rebuild 3, but I also just picked up the GOTY edition of Fallout 3 so I might play through that again vanilla for the first time in a few years in honor of the Fallout 4 announcement.

I didn’t know there were several Rebuild games. I just played the first one on my tablet, and well… I loved it!

About Fallout 3, that’s on my wishlist. After the Fallout 4 announcement, I’d like to try it even more. Are the two first games needed to understand the story or could I just skip directly to the third one?

I’m enjoying Splatoon at the moment.

I started with the third one and went back to play the first two. The third one is made by Bethesda while the others aren’t including Brotherhood of Steel and Tactics. Obsidian made New Vegas but it had the same feeling as 3, fps vs topdown for one. I think you’d be fine starting with the third but I’d like to hear from someone who’s played them in order.

The rebuild games are fantastic, you can play 2 in its flash format on Kongregate or any other flash site. I backed the third on Kickstarter so I imagine you’d have to pay for it on steam.

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Yeah, I know they are made by different developers, so I thought there wouldn’t be any problems. I think I’ll go ahead and but the third one. Although I think I have the second one on GoG, now that I think about it. I’ll check.

I’m gonna search for Rebuild 2 flash right now. Thanks for the advice!

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So just got a prepaid card for steam (not saying how much :P), atleast now I’m ready for the incoming summer sale. By the way, can anyone tell if Trackmania 2 was on sale the last summer sale? Because I don’t wanna wait for Trackmania 2 to get on sale, only to be disappointed because it didn’t do so. That’s what happend to me last time with TMU.

Trackmania2 Cannyon and Valley were -50% last summer sale, and Stadium was -75%. I don’t know if these are the games you’re referring too, since I’m not used to this game series