What are YOU most HYPE for Tower Unite!?

Title says it all, What are YOU most HYPE for Tower Unite!?


For the performance benefit of no longer being tied down to a 10 Year Old Physics Engine and allowing powerful computers to actually be taken advantage of.


LMAO! Nice!

A singular download (finally, no more hassle with 70 workshop addons!) and fixed Virus hitboxes.


& Fixed Tiny Crusaders (UCH) Hitbox xD

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Workshop support :smiley:

Setting up own servers, more ways to customize your character/condo, better graphics and it`s hard to crash server unlike DarkRP (place same shitty props and boom).

Stuff actually working
Gamemodes actually being balanced and fun
Server structure
Workshop support
Everything else

The big thing for me is improved performance and (hopefully) improved latency. Playing from the UK on GMod Tower can really be brutal especially in modes like PVP Battle and Virus where what I see on screen is not actually registered by the server and the fact that I get between 150-200ms most of the time while playing.

The workshop support will also be a great bonus.


Setting up own servers fk yeeeeeee
The physics engine no longer being an old piece of shit.
The gameplay no longer being a laggy experience.

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i hope none of you guys complain about the game once it comes out with early access with glitches and bugs
and i hope you guys tell them glitches that you found and dont whine like its a big deal because when tower unite will first be playable it might be great or it might be good with a few bugs because its annoying hearing from alot of people whine about the game not working or stuff like that

but remember all bugs will be fixed in all due time

what i cant wait for is the graphics! and the minigames! because i have seen some of the graphics and they look amazing! (hey if any of the devs reading this i want to let you know your doing a fantastic job! : D)

We take bugs seriously and will be constantly fixing them as they come.

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Dynamic fucking shadows


Fuck yeah.

well i know that you guys will take bugs seriously im just letting everyone else know that there might be bugs when early access is out because a brand new game will most likely will have a few bugs here and there but i know that you guys aim on fixing them constantly and i hope people will not whine like the game was supposed to be be perfect once it came out

but i can not wait when the game comes out. you guys are doing a fantastic job!

Lower lag. I love everything in Tower Unite, but this is probably the best feature


What might hype me about Tower Unite? Better graphics, the game being standalone, A better multiplayer experience, will no longer use the stone age source engine. Bro, I could go on forever. Tower Unite is going to be revolutionary thus attracting a larger population of PC gamers. I’ve purchased a first class ticket to board the Hype Train.

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Bowling! :grinning:

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Having fun with everyone including you mac ;3