What are you Most Exited about for Tower Unite?

The title says it all, but to reiterate: ‘What are you most exited about for Tower Unite?’

Personally, I’m interested with what will happen regarding Unreal 4 - and exploring all the new customization options. I’m also interested about what they’re going to do with UCH (‘Tiny Knights’ - soon to be).

The only fact that such an incredible team as PixelTail is going to work with the UE4 to make a sequel of GMTower makes me really excited. Geez, man! It sounds crazily good!

But the thing that excites me the most about the project are the new gamemodes and the rebirth of the old ones which gave me so many hours of fun


I’m excited to see what they do with the engine. It’s capabiities are through the roof
There’s even a team of people dedicated to remaking the Titanic in all its honor and glory. Every inch down to every detail.

It’s pretty freakin’ sweet.

I want to see what happens with the Condos. I mean, you always have full power and tons of furniture to decorate your condo with. Cant wait to see what is going to happen. But other than that… being able to change graphic settings? YES! Hopefully no more lag for me. :smiley:

Probably the condo development IMO, but mostly looking towards the mods & - of course - The Game Worlds, to see something new other than the planned ones on GMT.

The updates to the gamemodes! I personally played Chimera Hunt and Minigolf a lot, so I think the TU equivalents of these will be fun to try out!

Honestly, what I’m looking forward to most is general bug fixes like the infamous Virus hitboxes. Mods and public servers are another thing I’m excited about.

Definitely the engine change.
Source was so bogged down by all of the content that it was difficult to get immersed into the world they created for us. There were so many framerate issues and the Source engine simply doesn’t look good anymore.
Now we have so many other things that are coming in for the best and most immersive Tower experience we can get, such as day and night cycles, no more walls separating us from the boardwalk, added detail to the lobby, not shit netcode, stunning visuals and graphics, and a dynamic environment (such as where the street lamps light up at night and shut off during the day).
I’m stoked.


I’m excited about the fact that you can launch it and it has all the content installed and updated for you.


I’m excited it will actually take full advantage of all of my computer’s processing power, and not be limited to a single core like the Source Engine, leading my GTX 980 only being able to render 40-50 FPS because of the CPU being limited to the single core.

How good I will continue being in Minigolf.
No seriously, I was always rather a bit worried if I will keep my minigolf skills from GMTower in TU. Because TU’s minigolf will have different physics, slightly different maps(?), and technical changes as well.

But away from the worrying parts, and move on to the good things:
Condo Customization. Really, Condos have always been my favorite aspect of GMTower, and I’m sure they will continue being this in Tower Unite.

Personally, I’m excited for all the possibilities that couldn’t be achieved on source, like condo customisation and new game worlds. I’m also looking forward to the performance improvements that using Unreal 4 will bring, as while I have a powerful rig, in certain areas of GMod Tower, the frame rate would drop drastically, which was probably due to the limitations of the source engine rather than optimisation.

That is definitely a big plus for me, as it was annoying ensuring that I always had all the content through the workshop and not to mention that even when I had all the content installed, GMod would at times not recognise that the content was downloaded from the workshop.

I just want kart racing back, damn it.


Well it is available again in GMod Tower, its just a shame no one queues for it, which is a shame, because I like it, but I do wish there were more tracks to race on.

I would really like to play Kart Racing if I hadn’t so much ping, but that and the no controller support made me play like a 1-year-old baby

While I can do ok with keyboard and mouse, I also have problems with ping, but that is the case for the whole server and not just kart racing. Its nothing to do with the server itself though and more to do with the fact that I live in the UK and connections to the US are average at the best of times.

The same problem here. Living in EU, I can’t get a lower ping connecting to the US. Other gamemodes are OK, but kart racing isn’t at all for me

Dude, you have no idea how much I love playing the new Ball Race with a controller. It’s so perfect. Karts even more so.

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Holy shit! I never even imagined that before, playing all that with a controller…damn, now I have yet another thing to be excited for!