What are the standards for making a server?

So I’m wondering if I will have to port forward. Can I make a private server? Can I put workshop addons in a server?

You won’t need to port forward. Just hit the “create a server” button and you’re done! There aren’t any plans for workshop support yet, though. I can only assume that any addons you downloaded will be added to the server. Don’t quote me, though. There also isn’t any private-server support yet. But I’m sure it will come soon.

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Workshop support is planned. They said so many times on here and it’s on their roadmap.

Well, I knew it was planned. I meant to say that it isn’t planned to come anytime soon.

Fair enough

To add some further explanation to this, game session handling is done by Steam. Terraria, for example, does this. Anyone can open a game and their friends can join without having to fiddle about with their router.

the server won’t be 24/7 tho, I guess you have to pay for that or something

Well, if you leave it on for 24/7 sure. But yeah, there will probably unofficial services that you pay for to get 24/7 servers. And another thing. Apparently you can’t join game worlds if you create a lobby server yourself. So there really isn’t a point in creating one unless you pay for it.

I actually even made a map for it in ue4

When the game is fully out/in EA would you be able to run a server that has: Lobby, All game worlds etc from one server? by just pressing “Create”

Thanks for the info i’m glad because I’m going to get this game for me and my friend so I was just wondering.

Just to update this thread a little, the “Create” server button for creating lobbies (to my knowledge) will be removed by the time the game launches Early Access.

To host servers from Early Access on, you will need to use the Dedicated Server client. The reason behind this, as it was explained to me, is the fact that because there is a person hosting the lobby, if they were to join a game world, the lobby would be destroyed.

This is why in the current alpha, you will notice that if you are hosting a lobby server, you won’t be able to join any games.

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OK, then I will probably figure it out when the game comes out.