What are the badges for TU?

As a level and badge nerd on steam, I’m wondering some things about the badges that will be for TU.

How many are in a set?
What will the badges be based around?
What will be the card backgrounds, profile backgrounds and emoticoms?

I’m not sure if there has been any official word on the design of the badges/cards, but my guess is that they would revolve around the game worlds (ballrace, minigolf, etc) and/or locations and attractions around the Tower Unite plaza.
Not really sure what else they could base them off, really.

Says right here that they will use trading cards ( https://gyazo.com/092c1a75c3d9310f7146f5c733e00786 )

I know.
I said that I wasn’t sure if there has been any official word on the design of the cards/badges, not their existence.

We will probably not see the badges/trading cards until the game has released on Early Access. As for how many will be in a set, we won’t know until it is stated, however I’ve never seen a game go over 15 cards in a set, so I would say that 15 would be the maximum, though most games tend to stick around 6-8 cards in a set…

As for what they are based on, I would imagine all aspects of Tower, though I would like to see the pre alpha milk carton player model as an emote, but I doubt that will happen.

I really think that Each Card representing a Game-World as good as the badges until the last level badge which represent the plaza itself (And the Foil card set to make a more spectacular looking badge of the plaza) would be a good idea :3

I was talking about this over the weekend with some friends actually.

We are limited by how many badges we can have (not sure if I can share the amount as it’s NDA stuff), but we only have a certain amount we can do.

However, if we do badges per each game world then players can’t show off their favorite game world because you cannot select a badge once you earned the higher badge level. Which kinda sucks, but that just means we need to have one really cool badge that just gets increasingly better as you level up it.

Right now I’m leaning towards something that is A. not the tower unite logo, and B. is really full of character (like the catsack).


Genius. I’d proudly display it.

Others could be a beer bottle, foohy’s classic cat icon…