What are some notable gamemode changes?

Just out of curiosity, I’d like to know what the biggest changes to the gamemodes will be between GMT and TU (e.g. more weapons, altered rules, anything worth noting).

Better maps. GMod is limiting our developers. Now they can make miracles!

Changed themes - due to copyright issues, most of the gamemodes will get a complete theme overhaul. For a gamemode like that we know Ultimate Chimera Hunt - from “Mother 3” theme, they are moving to medieval knights and dragons running on cogs & gears.

The games might and possibly will be smoother and easier to play, due to the difference in engines and limitations. Examples include better control in Accelerate! (formerly known as Source Karts) or the fixing of bugs in multiple gamemodes.

hitboxes that aren’t shit

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And an even insaner PvP gameworld!

I guess everyone answered for me :smiley:

actually, we haven’t seen any PvP worlds yet. I wonder what catastrophe we would be running around on Slaughter Day Night LIve.

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MacDGuy gave the PvP gameworld an approximately 9/10 rating in terms of how chaotic it will be.