What are Golden Melons?

Every Ball Race map has an achievement called ‘Nimbus Hidden Treasure, Paradise Hidden Treasure, etc.’. All of these achievements need you to collect 3 Golden Melons on the specific maps. So what even are Golden Melons?

The exact description : Discovered the 3 golden melons in map_name_here.

Basically hidden melons that are golden, dunno if they give more points but they do have a use in the future.

They are probably gonna put secret melons in every level, this could come with This and that’s honestly a good idea of them to do


They are not in the game as of yet right?

Well i haven’t noticed any hidden melons while playing any of the ball race maps, so i assume that they arent added yet.

If they are already in the playable maps then they are really well hidden.
If not then they will most likely be added with the achievement update.

I can confirm that they are not in game right now, since achievements isn’t in the game YET
achievements are the next thing they have on the list of updates, so expect it to be soon

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You can see the achievements in the global achievements list.

still only shows the titles which are pretty cryptic

Where is the global achievement list?


Google m8
Shows name of achievements and who have achieved them.

Personally i just folund the names in the game files.