What about putting planet panic on the steam store page description for TU

Mac made a promise to add planet panic for tower unite’s store page description, now where is it? The new players need to know about planet panic

Honestly, Planet Panic still needs a lot of work. I’d bet that once it gets more fleshed out it will appear on the page.


Yeahh, Planet Panic is nowhere near finished. It’s perfectly PLAYABLE, but there’s just not enough content to sell it as a main point of the game as it is. There’s only one map, the gameplay isn’t as smooth as it could be, etc.

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At the moment it’s quick to bore. A round or two every few days is all I can take before the monotony sets in.

Planet panic is in bare bones right now, Also has several framedrops and host lag is terrible when your try to control the ship(its like ballrace just worse)