What about a Sports District? New Mini-Games, Entertainment, and Shopping

PlayStation Home experimented with this but put very little effort into it causing it to fail. I believe there would be an interest in this as long as it is not too huge and lacks in detail, but small and functional.

Ideas to consider:


  • Outdoors with enter-able shops


  • Sports Apparel
  • Sports Bar
  • Sports Furniture Store
  • Sports Bar with boxing ring including a boxing fight mini-game
  • Possible gambling on the boxing fight


  • Penalty-Kick Soccer Game
  • Billiards (Indoors)
  • Boxing Fights
  • Basketball HORSE game
  • Typical Bar Video Game Machine

Other Additives:

  • ESPN Score Feed (RSS)
  • Stands to watch the games
  • TVs that can access youtube, twitch, sound cloud, etc.
  • Tower Unite’s version of a Olympic Statue at the entrance

I’m not asking for a huge stadium, but a section the size of the shopping center that exists in the Lobby 2 version.

All these ideas can be included, rejected, or grown upon it won’t offend me.


I believe this is already in the works.


It is, for the arcade.

Another thing I’m gonna take my rift off for, that sounds terrifying.

but actually really fun too. I’d be for a boxing duel, if duels are implemented into release.

this has been around forever. Since Gmod Tower…

Never been fond of sports stuff in video games. I’m of the mindset that if you want to play sports you should go outside and do it. Doesn’t help that I don’t like most sports very much either.

Now if it was made all about the Gameports that would be a different story. Have Ballrace and Virus and minigolf, etc appeal and have a sports bar that plays live gameworld streams. Would be a lot more interesting.

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While I agree, it’s important to keep in mind that your opinion isn’t the only one. I’m sure plenty of people would love to see something like this implemented. What matters here is if the devs actually want to put the time and resources into making something like this. I would imagine adding an entirely new area to the map is no easy task.

Because of that, and differing opinions on the subject in the first place, I feel this would work better as a Workshop addon, if possible.

A sports bar where I can have a cold beer and watch slaughter day night live on an old “mounted” tv next to the hard liquor would be super cool. Throw in some bar and grill food and I’m spending every living day there.

But @Arsenic never once implied their opinion was the only one.

No I did not, but I did not care enough to fight that point.

Okay. It’s hard to tell over text. Some people take either side way too seriously.