We've got our first co-producer!

Air Horns

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That’s amazing! Now we need two more. :wink:

holy shit
that person just single handedly unlocked three of the crystal things.

Hopefully it’s not just some credit card fraud thing.

Actually, knowing who it was, I trust his donation is entirely legitimate.

3 gemstones and our 43k Milestone! Well done. 50k hype :smiley:

Holy shit! This is amazing!

Who donated it? (If you don’t mind me asking)

On the Indiegogo, some user named Mod, with a Private Donation. I don’t understand the “big secret” here.

Oh… lol.


He kept the amount private on the Indiegogo for a reason.
It may be obvious to us, since we noticed the donation, but I’m sure he would not have chosen the private setting if he wanted other people to know.

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Laser tag and two new instruments!
This makes me even more excited for the next gem unlocks.

I’m actually very curious to see what the control scheme will be for the Drums and Guitar…I mean I guess it could work the same as the piano…but that wouldn’t feel quite right.

I am getting more and more hyped for TU with the laser tag and the extra playable instruments, although the monorail isn’t really bringing the hype up for me.