We're waiting


Not to mention the… Pile of Hype.

We’re dropping like flies #Hype Overload:

i wish i could be there, but i cant connect because its full ffs

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Arghhh, I get you. Sorry :<

I wish I could play this, but it is near 11 PM. :disappointed:

When Rob is coming (idk who is he! tell me)


Also, where did everyone go?

A new photo from the center of the plaza!

They’re waiting for you Gordon. In the test chamberrr

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The only time I was in such a hype cluster is Lobby 2.

Uh yeah…

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I’m the Dino on the right in the first picture! You can also see my legs and tail in the pile one :slight_smile:

Edit: Oh! I also see myself behind the red guy in the picture where everyone’s on the stairs. And I might be the Dino in the front in the first sexy dance picture.

Some Other Shots